Annette likes to find treasures. A treasure can be anything from a giant stick in the yard to a box from the recycling. Those are the good treasures that Mom and Dad approve of. But those are not Annette’s favorite treasures. No, the greatest of treasures are the ones that once belonged to us. (I say once belonged, because she’s pretty clear about who she thinks the new owner is).

I could write a bunch of funny anecdotes about her obsession with playing keep-away with her treasures, but I’ve been collecting photos for just this occasion! I think they tell the story perfectly:

Oh that red clown nose? Mine, clearly mine. Dad’s underwear? Yep, need those. Stinky socks? You mean aged-to-perfection socks… mine now! The pajama shorts you just put in the hamper? I’ll take those. Your flip phone? What do you mean you were still getting contacts off of it? I need to make a call and tell Dad to buy me more treats!


This photo really captures the essence of this post perfectly: three children and a grown man all trying to wrangle a dachshund who’s trying desperately to eat a plastic toy before someone can stop her. She had all of them squealing like scaredy cats with her brilliant doberman impression. She can really growl when treasure is at stake!