This has been a hotter than average summer, and dealing with the heat and no AC makes daytime-me a grouchy recluse who spends all her time awaiting the crisp air of autumn! Fortunately, the evenings and mornings are cool and I’ve been able to spend them creating things, writing my book, and spending time with friends in the park next door. (Hey, did you catch that? I wrote a book! You should go read about it here: Beyond the Bramble.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of sewing and accessory making. More and more of my closet is made up of my own creations and vintage clothing. I have this concept of a very theatrical, vaudevillian 1920s look for fall time, so I’m creating the pieces for that look. Crazy hats and velvet capes fit the bill nicely. I’ve even been working without a pattern (the cape and the blouse were made sans pattern) and trying to use up all the small yards of material I still have.

I like making aprons because they’re quick to whip up and they protect the clothing I make, since I am a messy cook and artist. The Egyptian apron in the second photo was a wedding gift for my new sister-in-law.