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The next day, we were up surprisingly early, and we started out by eating the last of the road trip food for breakfast: Galet de Quimper biscuits (some caramel and some apple), a can of peaches, and some coffee. The caramel shortbread cookies tasted like they had bits of Werther’s candy inside!


After getting everything unpacked and exploring our accommodations a little more, we decided to check out The Bollywood Theatre on Alberta Street for some lunch. From where we were staying, Alberta Street was about 20 minutes away, in NE Portland. This area turned out to be our favorite on this trip. So many interesting shops and restaurants to pick through.

The Bollywood Theater was decorated with an array of antiques, objects inscribed in Hindi, Bollywood posters, and mismatched antique chairs. Combine that atmosphere with the incredible aroma of Indian street food and you can understand why both of their locations stay busy. We both ordered Chicken Kati rolls.

Kati Roll: Found throughout the street stalls of Kolkata, kati rolls are meat or paneer, egg, pickled onion and green chutney rolled in paratha, indian flatbread.

Image: Serious Eats

Image: Serious Eats

All the utensils, condiments, and water are self-serve and at the end, each party buses their own table. If you sit there looking bewildered long enough, of course, they’ll assist you and inform you that the next time, you can do it yourself.

The food at Bollywood was amazing and they provided an assortment of spicy chutneys to enhance the heat. The peppers they include with the plate pack a kick too. Bollywood Theater does have some offerings for those who fear heat; but really, what are you doing eating at an Indian restaurant if you fear spice?

Next door to Bollywood is Salt and Straw, where we finished off lunch with some unique flavored ice cream. They get a little flack from critics who say their odd flavors are pretentious. But, really, aren’t the critics just being pretentious?

Contrary to what they had said, we found that even Salt and Straw’s strangest flavors had a pretty amazing taste and the portions were plentiful. The shop is generous about letting customers try the flavors before settling on a favorite. This helps a little in the decision process, because who would blindly order olive oil-flavored ice cream? After sampling it, though, it was one of the flavors we ended up ordering. We also chose the Rhubarb and Saffron in Champagne. These flavors are already gone from the menu, as they keep it fresh and are always inventing new ones. So don’t get too attached to a single variety!


With our ice creams in hand, we took a stroll around the area and stopped into a few shops. My heart fluttered a little when we came across Bolt, a fabric store full of fun prints and patterns. The designer cottons were more expensive than the typical mass-produced selection at a fabric and craft store. The variety and quality of the fabrics were definitely superior. Many of the cottons were organic. I also happened to find a great Folkwear pattern that I had been on the hunt for.

When we were planning our trip, Chris had bought a pair of tickets for the March Violets concert that night. We weren’t sure how the Portland scene would be in the way of concerts, so we went back to our place to get ready, arriving at the show well before the doors opened.