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I’ve read that hat-makers are a bit snobbish about who is or isn’t a milliner. A milliner doesn’t just make and sell hats, they bring something to their designs and they excel in the art of creating a hat. By those standards, Bonniesknitting certainly qualifies! I was smitten the moment I saw one of Bonnie’s hats on Etsy. Her vintage-inspired hats are made using real vintage patterns and are always made from very high-quality, stylish wool or linen fabrics. Every hat she lists up in her shop is truly a masterpiece! If you get the chance to do business with her, or if you just follow her on Facebook in order to swoon over her newest creations, you’ll quickly find that the woman behind the hats is as sweet and charming as her creations.


While I don’t think you can go wrong with any purchase from Bonnie’s shop, I am extremely partial to Bonnie’s 1920s cloche-style hats and her 1930s berets. Bonnie’s cloche is wearable and versatile, whether you want to go all-out flapper or you just want a little vintage class. No one has done such justice to a cloche in a long time! The first hat I bought from her shop was a tan cloche like the one above. It arrived quickly and packaged nicely with a sweet little note. Every time I wear that hat, I get inundated with compliments.


The other hat I bought from Bonnie was one of her amazing black wool cloches. I like to pair this one with drop-waist dresses or a striped blouse and high-waist trousers. You can’t help but feel like Clara Bow when you wear this hat. I took it on vacation and wore it out to dinner with friends- even though it was summer and very, very hot- because sometimes you make sacrifices for amazing hats. Hah!


I know that the next purchase I make from Bonnies shop will be: either this snazzy white canvas cloche, which I’ve been coveting like a fiend, or the darling beret which calls to me in my sleep. Every time I decide to make a hat purchase, whether from Bonnie or someone else, I feel like Lucy Ricardo. It seemed like Lucy was always splurging on hats and then having to answer to one very cranky Ricky once he discovered her stash of hidden hat boxes. I’m going to have to side with Lucy, though; a really nice hat is worth every penny.


Be sure to Check out Bonnie’s Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/bonniesknitting

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