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I have a strange, unexplainable love for camels, I love everything from their unique feet to that certain sound they make. A camel trek is high on my to-do list, but camels are not just a traditional form of transportation. Camels do it all: they provide passage through dry deserts and cold mountains, as well as producing warm fuzzy wool, protein-rich milk, and even meat.

Great camel headshot

Camel’s milk is a super food relatively ignored by the western hemisphere. Only recently has camel’s milk gained any interest in the U.S., because scientists have found that camel’s milk may have a positive effect in treating Alzheimer’s and autism! To name just some of the positives of camel’s milk: it is high in protein, vitamin C, unsaturated fatty acids, and is lower in cholesterol and lactose than cow’s milk.  Out of all the animal-derived milks consumed by humans, camel’s milk is the closest to human breast milk in its nutritional content.


It may be a while longer before fresh camel’s milk is available in the USA, but I sincerely hope that changes in the future. There has been talk about starting a camel farm here in Colorado for the refugee population to raise and make money selling the milk. Until then, the best you can do is buy powdered camel’s milk, but the cost is still high. I would love to try kefir-ing with it though.


While camel milk smoothies are not currently on my menu, I have discovered that camel’s milk makes the most luxurious and beneficial soap! My skin has fallen in love <3. Towards the beginning of this month, I ordered five bars of soap from the Camel Milk Soap Company out of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. The woman who handled my transaction, Diana, was extremely helpful. The soap is handmade with organic ingredients and ranges from about $5 to $8 a bar.  My soap arrived so quickly it was unbelievable. I was like a little kid opening up each box and inhaling the wonderful aromas of Black Cumin, Lemon Myrtle/Clove, and Honey/Almond. I couldn’t wait one minute longer and I ran to the bathroom to wash my face. Instantly, I understood why Cleopatra bathed in camel’s milk! The bars are beautiful, too:


This new “Cleopatra” beauty regimen is working miracles. Camel milk soap, as weird as that might sound, has cleared up all my breakouts and my skin is no longer irritated. This was only after four days of using it! I haven’t had to wear concealer or face powder all month. The soap is made from a balanced mixture of camel’s milk, olive oil, and shea butter. My favorite bar is scented with lemon myrtle and clove. The smell is pretty divine and lemon myrtle works like tea tree oil to clear the skin naturally. Lesson to be learned- don’t look for future cures; just look back to the ancient ones! Now go buy some luxury soap from the Camel Milk Shop- your skin will feel divine!

Be sure to check out Camel Milk Soaps on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CamelMilkSoaps
and buy their soap here: http://www.littlemajlis.com/shop/camelmilksoap