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Sleepy Monkey

(Adorable, sleepy monkey belongs to Gordon Wood on Flickr)

I’m not inherently lazy. However, I do prefer waking up without a brash, ringing alarm clock. In regions of the world where people live longer, healthier lives, they tend to allow their bodies to wake up naturally and they don’t shun the idea of a quick afternoon nap. I like this philosophy, and use this as my excuse for not routinely waking up early every morning. My body seems to think 7:30- 8:00 am is the perfect time to crawl out of bed and get a cup of coffee. Anytime before 7:00 am just seems terribly heinous and I spend the rest of the day terrorizing my husband with my grumpiness. Once we have kids, I know my luxurious 8 am morning will quickly disappear, so why not enjoy it while I can?
No matter if you are an early riser or a lounge about – sleep is essential and the bed should be a haven for comfort and restful thoughts. Unfortunately, in this fast-paced, mass-produced world, we have sacrificed the quality of our sleep and our bedding! A peaceful mind is not the only ingredient to a good beddy-bye. The bedding you snuggle up with for 8 hrs every night really matters!
Everyone around here seems hung up about thread count of sheets. That’s fine; a high thread count means more years of use before the sheets begin to become threadbare. But shouldn’t the material and the chemicals on the material be of a higher concern? Modern cotton sheets are treated heavily with chemicals, and are often blended with synthetics to make them cheaper.

In eastern Europe  the tradition of natural linen bed sheets means better nights of sleep, with fabrics that don’t leach chemicals or clog your pores throughout the night. Lithuania and Belarus produce gorgeous linen bedding for the same price as those made-in-China, 600-thread-count sheets. Etsy is full of sellers offering their beautiful, handmade flax linen bedding. All of the bedding shown in this post can be found on Etsy!


Linen pillowcases by VilendaLinen on Etsy 
Linen stays cool during the summer and warm in winter. The fabric has a nice, heavy weight to it and stays strong despite nightly use. Not to mention, that linen is eco-friendly and beautiful.

Linen is a historical fabric – pharaohs and kings slept on beds made up with linen sheets, but you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy linen. Even newly-made linen sheets feel like family heirlooms. I’m a textile fiend, and handmade textiles are works of art; you have to appreciate all the tedious handiwork that went into creating them.


Queen sheet set by VilendaLinen
I just purchased a set of natural linen sheets on Etsy from VilendaLinen and I’m planning to make my bed up with these and a few Kantha quilts from India. I can’t imagine a better night’s sleep than one spent snuggled up with my hubby under Belarusian linen and Indian Kantha quilts. Here are some of my other favorites from Etsy:


Flax Bed Linen Set by CrystalNatalina on Etsy 


A lovely ruffled Odemis bedding set handmade by Nurdanceyiz on Etsy 


A pretty linen blanket from Lithuania, created by LinenStyle on Etsy