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Textiles from around the world can bring color and pattern to your world traveler scheme. I’m absolutely smitten with textiles from India and the Middle East. During the Persian empire, India was conquered and the influence of the Persians can still be seen in Indian textiles. As with so many other things, it seems that India took what the Persian empire brought and made it their own. Indian textiles are some of the most vibrant and desirable to behold.

I’m having quite the love affair with the designs offered by Saffron Marigold. Their selection of prints for curtains, bedding, pillows, table cloths, and shower curtains will make you swoon!

Memories of Shalimar by Saffron Marigold 

From their site: “Saffron Marigold’s range of hand block printed home furnishings are sourced from the desert state of Rajasthan, where entire villages derive their livelihood from the craft of hand block printing.”

In my home, I use two varieties of their curtains. In the living room, I have the Maharaja print, which they are currently in the process of discontinuing. I love the elephants, and the rich burgundy filters the room with a warm light.

In the bedroom, we have Ruby Kilim curtains. (Silby, my parents’ Springer Spaniel, approves of the curtains too! She loves looking out the window when she comes to stay with us.)

I’m thrilled that they also make shower curtains. In the bathroom, I have a Maharaja curtain. The richness of the fabric turned our tiny little bathroom into a luxurious space.  Turkish bath towels come in an endless variety of colors and make the perfect match for Saffron Marigold’s shower curtains.

Don’t underestimate how much curtains can change the look of a space! There isn’t a day that I don’t find myself admiring the beauty of the curtains I’ve purchased from Saffrom Marigold. The tedious process that goes into hand printing each panel is awe-inspiring. Be sure to check out the photos showing how they are made: http://www.saffronmarigold.com/catalog/block_printing.php?blockIndex=1


Kantha Quilts are another favorite of mine. You can find them for sale in fair trade shops or buy directly from India on Etsy.  Kantha quilts are handmade and are easily recognizable by their signature stitching. They tend to be made of a soft, lightweight cotton that layers nicely for year-round bedding.

This Camel Kantha Quilt stole my heart the instant I saw it. I dream adventurous dreams snuggled up under it every night. It looks great with my Ruby Kilim curtains and the gold bedding layered beneath it. There is truly something magical about handmade blankets.

Rugs are another essential element for a world traveler look. Persian and Oriental rugs are usually going to tip the scale when it comes to expense. Keep an eye out at garage sales and thrift stores, and you just might spot one that won’t put you in debt. Instead of trying to buy large expensive rugs, look for smaller throw rugs. A small, patterned Kilim rug can bring a lot of richness to a space. Older, worn wool rugs have great character and tell tales of other lives they’ve lived. Who knows — maybe they really did belong to a great world traveler once…

We use this beautiful wool rug from Afghanistan by our bathroom sink. It measures about 2×4 and was a steal for $25 online. These traditional Sullymen rugs are made by nomadic people living in the desert.

In our living room and bedroom live two persian rugs that were both discovered at my favorite thrift store, for less than $20 each. They were marked “Made in Iran” and had very little wear. Since they weren’t soiled, I only had to vacuum both sides thoroughly before bringing them into the apartment. (ALWAYS check for signs of moths or carpet beetles before bringing a wool rug inside! They will wreak havoc on your belongings.)  It took two years to find them; but like any avid treasure hunter, I feel the wait was worth it.