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Instead of pulling out your over-sized coffee mug in the morning, why not sip your morning brew from a fine china teacup? Thrift stores are overflowing with mismatched teacups and none are usually priced higher than a few dollars. If you take the time to sort through the mass of “#1 MOM” and 70s flower power teacups, you might find a real treasure. Check the bottoms of the cups; most china and porcelain cups will say what they are made of. You don’t need an entire set. In fact, a mismatched set can be quite charming.

Do remember- you are going to want to hand wash your new teacups! It’s also a good idea to rinse them out after coffee because they can stain easily, especially bone china. Other than that, they aren’t any more high maintenance. If you happen to break your teacup, it’s just an excuse to go hunting for a new one!

I found my favorite bone china teacups on a last minute thrifting excursion to the ARC. They were taped together with their original saucers, and I was immediately drawn to the caravan of Arab traders parading around the cups. There’s something magical about sipping coffee or chai from them every morning.